Implants are synthetic tooth roots which firmly anchor the denture. The implant is inserted into the jawbone, grows with the bone and effectively takes over as the original tooth root.

Implants prevent ongoing bone atrophy following tooth loss. The body’s own bone and soft tissue remain intact. When natural teeth are lost this technique is a safe alternative, even under challenging conditions. High-quality materials and highly refined techniques used today promise considerable stability and durability. They make no difference to your own natural teeth.

Under special circumstances, we can also insert instant implants.
This means that the tooth root is extracted and the implant is inserted in just one session.

We have been specializing in implantology since 2010.


Oral Implantology Certificate
June 2007, Dr. Christoph M. S. Möhrle

Oral Implantology Certificate
Februar 2010, Dr. Christoph M. S. Möhrle

Oral Implantology Speciality Seale
Dr. Christoph M. S. Möhrle

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