Parodontitis, also known as periodontosis, is an inflammatory bacterial disorder of the periodontium via infection from parodontitis bacteria. It frequently occurs as a result of inflammation of the gums (gingivitis), whose warning signs are swelling, bad breath, redness and bleeding. Consequences of parodontitis are receding gums, formation of deep gum pockets and breakdown of the jawbone, leading to loss of teeth.

Parodontitis can cause serious problems in the entire organism, something that is often underestimated. The risk of heart attack, stroke and premature birth is much higher in parodontitis patients.

Choosing the right therapy depends on detailed clinical and X-ray findings and making the resulting diagnosis.

A condition of permanent successful treatment is comprehensive, consistent oral hygiene at home, regular participation in our prevention program, plus professional dental cleaning.

We can pinpoint and then combat the causative agents by way of a specific bacteria test. An interleukin-1 genetic test determines your level of genetic risk from parodontitis.

In cases of chronic periodontitis, which is already showing advanced bone decomposition, we administer the enamel matrix protein Emdogain™. In a procedure this is inserted into bone pockets and lesions and onto the cleaned root surface, resulting in regeneration of dental tissue (reconstitution of periodontal structures and bones).

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